The good old K-9 email client has recently received a significant feature update, which now has a refreshing UI and few new features.

The updated Android K-9 client has a new icon, support for encryption, changing period background sync, and will no longer support WebDAV protocol. Users should update their app to see the changes.

K-9 Mail Android App Update

K-9 Mail, the email client that’s been since the early days of Android, is still a pop-up service used by many. But, existing users are vexed with the old, outdated design and lacking new features that most modern clients have.

Thus, to satisfy their thirst, the K-9 developers have rolled out a new update for its Android client, taking to v5.8. As per its listing in the Google PlayStore, the new K-9 Mail app has;

  • A new app icon and a redesign of the app’s user interface.
  • The periodic background sync has been changed, and the implementation of push notifications.
  • Support for Autocrypt setup message.
  • Removed support for WebDAV protocol. Thus new accounts of WebDAV cannot be added. However, existing accounts on this protocol will not be affected and run as usual.
  • Better image previews for image attachments and a Unified Inbox.
  • K-9 Mail now supports encryption of email’s subject and works only on Android devices running v5.0 or later.

K-9 Mail is a free and open-source email client that supports most email services but stumbles with Microsoft Exchange, like any other regular email client. Also, it doesn’t support adding Hotmail free plan accounts.

And for email encryption, it uses the OpenPGP email encryption (PGP/MIME), where the user needs to add the app – “OpenKeychain: Easy PGP” to encrypt/decrypt the emails.

The lack of regular updates has pushed many users out of the ecosystem. But with these refreshing tweaks, K-Mail may drawback those lost users and keep the existing base strong. Get the app on Playstore,  F-DroidAmazon App Store, or GitHub.


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