The US extradition case against Artem Vaulin, an alleged KickassTorrents operator seems to fail after the guy reportedly flee from the city. The Poland Ministry of Justice reported to the US that, Mr.Vaulin is missing and has no idea about his whereabouts now. Also, his bail was now forfeited and the lawyers representing him reported to withdraw from his case.

Extradition of KickassTorrents Operator

Artem Vaulin, and two others named Oleksandr Radostin and Ievgen Kutsenko, all Ukrainians, were arrested in 2016 conspiring to be the operators of them famous KickassTorrents. They were alleged to be running the pirate site and been booked under US laws. Artem Vaulin since then was fighting the extradition case.

KickassTorrents Operator Escapes From US Extradition
KickassTorrents Operator Escapes From US Extradition

He was granted bail by the Polish court in 2017 and been living with his wife and son ever since. Even before the extradition case moving to a conclusion, Mr.Vaulin was now reported to be missing from the area he was limited to. This was communicated by Poland’s Ministry of Justice to the US Attorney John R. Lausch Jr., who in turn informed the Illinois federal court that their suspect is “missing.”

As per John R. Lausch Jr., the Polish Ministry has said that “Vaulin has left the country and his bail was forfeited by the District Court in Warsaw on August 26, 2020. As such, extradition proceedings in Poland are no longer continuing.” The bail money of $108,000 was eventually forfeited by the court.

KickassTorrents was the top site in hosting pirated content running in 2016. The site stopped working after the three perpetrators were arrested. And now, after hearing the Vaulin flee from Warsaw, his lawyers reported that they’d be withdrawing from the case.


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