Microsoft Windows 11 operating system comes with the Startup feature similar to that of the earlier versions of Windows OS. As the name suggests, the feature allows selected programs to start immediately when the computer is started.

Although the necessary applications are included in the system’s list of applications, the Windows operating system permits users to modify the settings to allow additional applications to be added to the list of apps to load whenever the system is launched.

There are many methods for enabling the automatic loading of apps within Windows 11. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through an easy step-by-step procedure on how to configure applications to run automatically on windows 11 using the Startup Settings option.

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Best Ways to Launch Apps At Startup in Windows 11

There are multiple ways to launch apps at startup in the Windows operating system. In this article, we listed some of the best and easy ways. Just take a look and pick as per your need.

1. Using Settings App

One of the easiest ways to enable or disable startup apps is using setting apps because now windows offer a feature to do it in an easy way. You can change settings for individual apps.

  1. Press Windows + I key to open windows settings. (Or alternatively, you can go to settings via the start menu.)
  2. You need to select the Apps option on the Settings app on the left menu.
  3. After that, scroll down and click on Startup Tab > Startup Apps.Apps > Startup Tab > Startup Apps
  4. Now you can see the list of startup apps and every app has an individual option to turn off and on.
  5. If you want to run apps at startup in Windows 11, you simply toggle to the ON button.simply toggle to the ON button

2. Add Apps to the Startup Folder

It is a bit technical but works well for all windows computers whether you are using an old version of windows. Just take steps according to the below guide.

  1. Firstly Press Windows + R key to open a run dialog box and type shell:startup and hit enter to open the startup
  2. After opening the startup folder, right-click on free space and select New > Shortcut.Shortcut Create New
  3. You need to browse the .exe file of that program you want to add to the startup folder on the next screen.browse the .exe file
  4. Click on the Next button, give a name to that shortcut, and click on the Finish button.

3. Launch Apps at Startup via Task Manager

  1. open the Windows 11 search bar and search for Task Manager and open it. Click on More Details.More Details in Task Manager
  2. Now switch to the startup tab, where you can see a variety of apps. Some of them are enabled by default, or some are disabled.
  3. To run these apps on startup, you just need to right-click on any app and select Enable Button and all is done.task manager startup enable

Here we mention all the best and simple ways to Launch Apps at Startup in Windows 11. You can add a custom program that you want to run automatically when windows startup. If you face any problem with these methods, let us know in the comment section.


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