Researchers declared that Linux distributions are having more vulnerabilities, popular devs as Ubuntu and Mint aren’t stopping their innovations. Linux Mint developers have just come up with their new OS called Debbie, which is based on Debian OS, and named this version as Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE 4). This has many features that would support Nvidia drivers, new Cinnamon 4.4, secure booting, etc.

Linux Mint Released LMDE 4 Called “Debbie”, Based on Debian OS (Image via Linux Mint Blog)

While Ubuntu distro is considered as the best alternative for Windows OS, Linux Mint is considered as the best alternative for Ubuntu! Though both Ubuntu and Mint use the same Linux Kernal, Ubuntu uses Debian GNU and Mint relies on Ubuntu! This makes their relation typical, but related. Now, LMDE 4 is the result of Mint’s shift to Debian GNU, instead of Ubuntu. And here’s what it got.

Linux Mint LMDE 4 Features:-

  • Full disk encryption is possible now and automating the partition with LVM. There’s even an option for encrypting the Home directory!
  • As previously encountered errors in Nouveau drivers, users in this version can have direct support to Nvidia cards!
  • Support for automated installation of NVIDIA drivers
  • SecureBoot support and NVMe support
  • Btrfs subvolumes support
  • The revamped installer, Cinnamon 4.4,
  • Compatibility for higher resolutions to 1024×768 while running in Virtualbox OS.

Upgrading/Installing Debbie

Upgrading to LMDE 4 would require you to go through command line APTs, which isn’t easier to understand. Thus, Mint developers recommended new users not to try with this command line upgrade, and go will full installation at once.

Linux Mint Released LMDE 4 Called “Debbie”, Based on Debian OS
Linux Mint Released LMDE 4 Called “Debbie”, Based on Debian OS

A complete guide to upgrading to this latest update is described in Mint’s blog, better go through it. If not, you may install this afresh by downloading the ISO images of LMDE 4 initially. The system requirements for this update are feasible, as 1GB RAM, 15GB of disk space are enough. But we suggest you equip the system with slightly higher specs for a smooth transition.

Source: Linux Mint


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