After Steam, Logitech has now shown up with its own handheld gaming device – named Logitech G Cloud. This is similar to Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch in form factor.

It has all the necessary gaming controls, bumpers, and a textured rear finish for better grip. Though it boasts supporting most of the AAA games through Cloud, you will need either of the Nvidia, Xbox, or PlayStation game subscriptions to play so.

Logitech G Cloud Handled Device

Handheld devices are picking up traction. While it’s due to their portability, most are because of the rise of cloud gaming. People don’t need to have extensive hardware to play heavy graphic games anymore, as they’re effectively streaming from the cloud from far-off places.

This led Steam to produce its own handheld device – named Steam Deck, with a Steam Link subscription. Similarly, Logitech showed up now with its own – as Logitech G Cloud – made in partnership with Tencent.

Rumors of this device have been leaking since the last month when Logitech confirmed working on it. The device is official with a 7″ LCD display, FHD resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and 450 nits of peak brightness. It surprisingly weighs 463 grams, which is less than Nintendo Switch in this category.

The all-new Logitech G Cloud spots A/B/X/Y buttons, the D-Pad, two analog joysticks, two bumpers, two analog triggers, L & R option buttons, a G button, and a Home button.

Under the hood, it has a Snapdragon 720G chipset, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and support for Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.1, Linear Haptics, stereo speaker, a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB-C port.

With support for remappable keys, this handheld runs on Android – thus having the Google Play Store, Chrome, YouTube, and more for extra fun. In terms of gaming, the Logitech G Cloud supports most AAA titles – streaming from the cloud. So you’ll be needing a subscription to either Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, or a Steam Link to play.

It’s available for pre-order in the US and Canada for $299, but may soon be bumping up the price to $349.99 after the launch period. Availability in other regions is yet to be known.


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