Have you lost the FireStick remote? Then worry not. This guide brings you some tips and tricks to use FireStick TV even though you do not have the FireStick remote with you. Having the remote control helps you to easily navigate through the interface of FireStick TV.

The connectivity of FireStick depends upon WiFi. To set up WiFi for the first time on the FireStick TV, the concerned FireStick remote controller is used. Sometimes, it may happen that you are traveling somewhere and taking your FireStick with you. Unfortunately, you forget to grab the remote. Then you cannot even connect the FireStick streamer to WiFi.

In another possible situation, it may also happen that you are at your home but the FireStick TV remote is malfunctioning. Then you need to know a few ways to control the FireStick TV without a controller.

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Best Ways to Use FireStick TV if You Forgot or Lost FireStick Remote

By now you must have understood that we need the FireStick TV for two purposes. The first one is to set up a WiFi connection that will help stream the contents on a smart TV. Second, to control the interface on the television, navigate around the options and go to Settings the remote is a must.

1. Try Using a FireStick Remote from Previous Generation

If you have been using the previous generation of FireStick TV then you must have a corresponding FireStick Remote from the old FireTV streamer. Then grab that one, pop in a couple of new batteries and you will be good to go.

firestick TV remote

You may not know this but FireStick TV supports remote controllers from the older generations. While your streaming won’t be hindered the previous generation remote won’t have a few buttons. If you have the latest 4K firestick then you may find it tricky to stream with the previous generation remote that doesn’t offer volume, mute, and power buttons.

If you are wondering how to pair the older remote with the new FireStick TV, then check these simple steps out.

  1. Long press on the home button, back, and left-arrow keys.
  2. Now reboot the FireStick TV and the remote control should pair automatically.

2. Use an External Controller like a Mouse or Keyboard to Run the FireStick

If you like experimenting with streaming devices, here’s an interesting hack you may apply. If the FireSTick remote is lost or not working, you can instead use a mouse or keyboard to control the FireStick TV.

Additionally, you need to have a coaxial cable splitter. As the name suggests, this gadget will bifurcate the singular cable line to the WiFi modem and the external device such as a mouse. You can easily find these nifty devices on Amazon for as less as $10 or $15.


3. Carrying the FireStick TV but Forgotten to Take the FireStick Remote?

In this troubleshooting, you have to create a new WiFi hotspot for FireStick. In case, you are traveling with your FireStick TV but forgot to carry along the FireStick remote, this trick will help you out.

To create the WiFi hotspot you will require a smartphone. To use the virtual remote control on the Fire TV app, you will require another smartphone.

  1. Install the Fire TV app and log into your account.
  2. You have to create a WiFi hotspot that bears the same name as the WiFi you have at your home.
  3. Connect the FireStick to the TV that is available in the room.
  4. Turn on the TV.
  5. The television should automatically connect to the WiFi.
  6. Also, ensure that the other smartphone which will act as the remote control should be connected to the same WiFi.

With everything ready, you can use the virtual remote control to navigate around the FireStick interface on the TV. With the WiFi connection intact, streaming your favorite content will be one click away. The only downside to this method is you need to have two smartphones with you.

4. Turn your Smartphone into FireStick Remote

After knowing this trick to control your FireStick TV using a smartphone, you won’t feel the need for a dedicated remote control. All you need to do is connect your smartphone and the FireStick TV streamer on the same WiFi network. Let me explain this in detail.

  1. Visit the Play Store or App Store depending upon whether you are using an Android device or iOS.
  2. Download and install the Fire TV app.
    firestick remote
  3. Open the app. [at this point both your smartphone and FireStick should be connected to the same WiFi]
  4. The Fire TV should discover the FireStick. It will be displayed on the phone screen.
  5. Tap on the FireStick model showing on the smartphone.
  6. You will be asked to enter a 4-digit pin on the Fire TV app to continue.
  7. Make sure the FireStick TV is connected to the smart TV. The pin code will show up on the TV screen.Turn your Smartphone into FireStick Remote
  8. Use this code and enter it on the Fire TV app.

Now, you will see a virtual remote on the smartphone screen. To navigate around swipe on the free space of the online remote of the Fire TV app. To execute a function or press OK, tap once on the free area.  Everything you should be doing on FireStick using the actual remote controller can now be done using the virtual FireStick remote.

5. Use the Smart TV Remote to Stream from FireStick

Here is an interesting fact for you. The FireStick can be controlled using the remote controller of the Smart TV brand that you are using. It is generally dubbed HDMI-CEC where CEC means Consumer Electronics Control.

Usually, the HDMI Consumer Electronics Control is enabled by default on most smart TVs. You can still double-check and enable it from the settings. The exact naming of this feature varies from one brand of smart TV to other. I have mentioned a few examples of what this feature is named by some prominent electronics brands.

  • Philips | EasyLink
  • LG | SimpLink
  • Sony | Bravia Sync

For navigating around the interface of FireStick on the TV, you can use the arrow keys of the smart TV remote. Though you may not enjoy a fluid experience as the functionalities of smart TV remote varies from one brand to the other, until you find your lost FireStick remote it should handle the job decently.

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Wrapping Up

When you have a smart TV with FireStick to stream your favorite content, the lack of a remote should not hinder your entertainment. If you lost your FireStick remote, then instead of hastily buying a new one, give a try to the various methods mentioned above. I’m sure that will solve the issue for you.


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