The Attorney’s Office of the District of Maryland has sentenced one of the two conspirators, involved in a SIM swapping and cryptocurrency theft in 2019.

The two Bryan and Milleson had planned and stole over 16,000 worth of cryptocurrency from a victim, after SIM swapping his phone number by tricking a wireless carrier employee. Later, Bryan set up a swatting attack against his partner Milleson.

SIM Swapping and Cryptocurrency Theft

Two people, Kyell Bryan and Jordan K. Milleson were charged for various fraudulent activities in 2019, and now one of them pleading guilty and will be sentenced soon.

The story is based on a classic SIM Swapping and identity theft, where a group of online conspirators stole the account of a wireless carrier employee and used it for stealing funds. This is led by Jordan K. Milleson, then 21yo and Kyell Bryan in 2019, then 19yo from Pennsylvania.

It’s reported that both Bryan and Milleson were active participants of OGUsers, a marketplace for buying and selling online accounts. A leaked conversation from OGUsers 2019 revealed that Bryan asked another member to help craft a site looking similar to T-Mobile’s employee login page.

Alongside the phishing site, they were reported to have made vishing (voice phishing) attacks too, to steal the credentials of an employee and used them to perform unauthorized SIM swaps. This led them to steal the two-factor authentication codes on a different phone number, and access the victim’s online accounts.

In one move, Bryan directed Milleson to transfer cryptocurrency valued at $16,847.47 out of the victim’s account, but this soon turned into a mission for knowing the true identity of Milleson, as Bryan suspected Milleson cheated them out of their share

This led Bryan to perform a swatting attack against his partner, Milleson. As per reports, Bryan called Baltimore County Police claiming there was a dangerous encounter with reported kills at the place. This led Milleson to get arrested and was sentenced to two years in prison plus restitution of $34,329.01 to be paid.

Now, Bryan pleaded guilty and is set to hear the sentence in January next year. He may face two years in federal prison with one year of supervised release after that. Plus, restitution of $16,847.47 could be levied.


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