In the summer of this year, several users of Verizon reported blockade in accessing various pirate sites, without any prior communication to them.

One among them is MangaDex, a scanlation site that’s home to millions of manga series. As Verizon isn’t lifting the ban nor explaining the cause of the blockage, MangaDex itself found a solution to bypass it, and offer smooth access to users as before.

Accessing MangaDex on Verizon Internet

It’s usual that people all over the world cannot access specific regional content, which is highly restricted to that specific area. But, there are always some pirate sites offering this access, and cashing on this gap. In terms of manga cartoon series, MangaDex is one such site offering manga in scanned means.

It’s a popular site maintaining a huge collection of manga, thus drawing millions of visitors every day. But, it’s also the enemy of copyright holders, like any other pirate site faces. This makes it vulnerable to copyright takedowns and lawsuits, resulting in the forceful removal of content sometimes.

Also, they could be subjected to ban with special orders from the court. While this can be understood, an ISP blocking its users the access to a pirate site without an explanation could be hard sometimes. And this is what exactly happened with the users of Verizon ISP this summer.

Several users of Verizon ISP reported that they were barred from accessing the MangaDex, and a few other pirate sites without any notice. Though users are accessing it through a VPN, MangaDex tried contacting Verizon to seek a solution for this.

To their despair, MangaDex received no support from Verizon and started working on their own solution for this. And this happened now, as the manga site reported. Though MangaDex didn’t offer any explanation on how it did, it just said that Verizon users can now access their site as before.

Also, MangaDex said the workaround cannot be guaranteed, so recommended its users switch ISP for good. It said,

“We also must mention that there is absolutely no guarantee that our current workaround will last forever, so you might want to consider switching to an ISP that doesn’t censor your internet access at some point.”


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