To let users call their contacts quicker and easier, Meta has added a dedicated tab as “Calls” in the Messenger.

This addition comes after the company noted a 40% rise in the use of calls after 2020, thus emphasizing the feature. Users can slide through the Calls tab placed aside Chats, Stories, and People, and see all their contacts with two buttons – an audio call and a video call to initiate a better chat.

Dedicated Tab For Messenger Calls

Amongst all the free messengers we have today, Facebook’s Messenger is one of the popular ones to chat and make calls. Meta has been regularly updating the app with new features – both interactive and security – to make it more appealing to the users.

All this led the community to stick to it and use it as a daily driver for communication. It’s observed that people are using Facebook Messenger as a means of free internet making extensively (40%+) after 2020, which led the parent company, Meta, to focus on it now.

Meta has added a dedicated “Calls” tab in Messenger to let users make calls easily and quickly. This was placed just aside Chats, Stories, and People tabs, and sliding into it opens the users’ contacts with dedicated buttons for audio and video calls.

Though this is a simple change Meta made to Messenger, this implies the company positioning it more like an app for both texting and calls, similar to that of Viber, WhatsApp, and FaceTime. This is a welcoming move for the community, and to those unknown, it serves as an introduction to Messenger Calls.

Lately, Meta has been developing Messenger rapidly. The company introduced reactions, stickers, message-specific replies, and forwarding options to Messenger, which also highlighted end-to-end encryption as a major niche.


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