Meta’s head Mark Zuckerberg announced a new digital clothing store for users to style up their virtual avatars in the Meta universe.

Soon, users of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook can buy desired digital clothes for their avatars and use them to boast in their chats. Currently, the store has a motocross outfit, a logo hoodie, and suits from Prada, Balenciaga, and Thom Browne brands, with more coming later.

Digital Clothing Store in Meta

Making its metaverse plans more interesting, the Zuckerberg-led Meta is launching a new avatar store soon. He shared a small glimpse of what this would look like, currently having a handful of digital clothes from luxury brands like the Prada, Balenciaga, and Thom Browne brands.

Zuckerberg said more brands would be added later, so we can see a wide range of collections coming for people who use their digital avatars in Meta apps, viz Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Horizon Worlds, a subsidiary of Meta is, already having a bunch of such digital goods in the Oculus store, but it’s only limited to people with special hardware – like the Oculus headgear. So launching an avatar store for general users of WhatsApp and Instagram may cater more scope for Meta.

Currently, the store has a few designer outfits like suits, hoodies a motocross suit! Apart from buying a whole outfit, users may also be allowed to pick individual items like caps, scarfs, shoes, rings, shirts, etc., to customize their avatars more deeply.

Though Zuckerberg didn’t mention when this store would be available for users, he said, “Digital goods will be an important way to express yourself in the metaverse and a big driver of the creative economy.”

Details on how users will be accessing this store or how they’ll be able to buy items are yet to be known.


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