In August this year, Meta announced a new Accounts center to feature login pads for both its prime social platforms – Facebook and Instagram and make it easy for users to switch and use them effectively.

As per it, the company added support to let users switch between their Facebook and Instagram profiles from the new Accounts Center and even see the number of notifications available in either of the accounts. Further, a design revamp now allows users to create a new account on Instagram with their existing Facebook account and vice versa.

An Easy Switching Between Accounts

Integrating its social platforms deeper into each other, Meta started testing a new Accounts Center in the Facebook and Instagram apps – both Android and iOS – that’ll let users switch between the above social accounts easily.

Well, you first have to add both accounts to the new Accounts Center, with login credentials and 2FA if enabled. And it’s well worth it, as it removes the hassle of going to the home screen, app drawer, or multitasking menu for switching between the Meta apps. Moreover, this new interface also shows you the notifications count from both apps in one place.

Aside from this, Meta revamped the onboarding page to let users create one account with another. For example, if you have an existing Facebook account – you can use it to create an associated Instagram account, and vice versa.

The company will notify you every time a new account is created with an existing account and added to the Accounts Center. Though these new features are available only in Facebook and Instagram apps now, Meta said it would “continue to explore how to improve connected experiences across all of our technologies”.


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