Microsoft has announced the first commercial preview of their MS Office LTSC for both Windows and macOS. This package is meant for industrial devices that aren’t connected to the internet or don’t support feature updates, so are cooked up with inbuilt features for a span of 5 years. Microsoft also said the commercial previews for SharePoint and Project Server are in line.

MS Office LTSC and Office 2021

Microsoft Announced 2021 Commercial Preview of Office 365 LTSC for Windows and MacFor the unknown, Microsoft makes a range of Office 365 packs for typical needs. Though most of the features used are the same, it’s still a different package for home (individual) users, enterprise users, industrial users, etc. Now, the maker has announced a new commercial preview of the Microsoft Office LTSC (for Windows) and Office 2021 (for Mac).

These are the non-subscription (perpetual) versions of the Office 365 suite, that come with a supported lifecycle of 5 years without taking any feature updates. Thus, they should be brought by the company in a one-time fee model, and be installed in their in-house devices.

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The Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) or the Office 2021 are meant for devices that cannot accept feature updates since not connected to the internet and have a lock-in period for a long time. Though out from the regular update channel, they’re vested with all the necessary features for commercial use. Some of the new features introduced in this new preview are;

  • Dark mode for reducing eye strain while working on Word, Excel, or Outlook.
  • Line Focus to remove distractions in a Word document, so you can move through the lines swiftly.
  • Ability to record a slide show with narration in PowerPoint.
  • XLOOKUP function to help users find things in a range by row or a table Excel worksheet.
  • Dynamic array support in Excel.


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