After testing in beta for a while, Microsoft finally rolled out the Edge v108 to all public users. This is now available to Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, macOS, and Linux.

The Edge v108.0.1462.42 contains a handful of new features and a bunch of security fixes, especially the Type confusing V8, which is being widely exploited now. Also, Microsoft revealed the latest statistics on how well its Sleeping Tabs are performing.

Microsoft Edge v108 Features

Improving its native browser day by day, Microsoft announced the Edge v108.0.1462.42 today. The updated browser includes a fix to the highly targeted vulnerability – Type confusing in V8 in the Chromium engine.

To the unknown, Microsoft Edge runs on Chromium code – a base engine that also powers a number of other browsers, including Google Chrome and Brave. Thus, any vulnerability spotted in the Chromium engine affects all the browsers relying on it – such as the Edge.

Patching this now, the new Edge v108 also brings Graph APIs, which allow system administrators to create, manage and publish their site lists for Internet Explorer mode in the cloud. Further, there’s the SmartScreen library coming to Edge on Linux, which is already available in Windows and Mac versions.

This is an updated Defender mode that has a better proxy system and fixes several bugs. The Edge Defender SmartScreen library leverages Microsoft Edge’s built-in network stack and provides better protection overall.

These two features, alongside the bug fixes, are available in Microsoft Edge v108, which is now available for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, macOS, and Linux. Aside from this, Microsoft has also boasted about its Sleeping Tab performance – where it reduced memory usage by 1.38 billion tabs in September alone!

This feature is automatically enabled by Microsoft in your Edge browser, which puts your inactive tabs to sleep to reduce resource usage and memory pressure – all without slowing down your workflow.


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