The latest stats from StatCounter reveal that Microsoft’s Edge browser has surpassed Apple’s Safari to become the world’s second most popular desktop browser.

Last year, Safari used to dominate the position with a slightly bigger market share that Edge, while Google’s Chrome is still the No.1 browser for so many years. Although, these statistics change according to region.

Edge is More Popular Than Safari

Microsoft’s constant push of its new Chromium-based Edge browser in a number of intriguing ways seems to be working, as the browser is now the second most popular desktop browser.

This is as per the latest StatCounter statistics, where it noted that Chromium-based Edge has surpassed Apple’s Safari, by a slight margin. By April 2022 stats says that Microsoft’s Edge has about 10.07% market share, while Safari has a 9.61% share.

Both these follow Google’s Chrome, which has a 66.64% market share. To note, this is the worldwide desktop browser market share. The regional numbers change, with Safari still being at No.2 and Edge at No.3 in the US. Both these have a US market share of 17.09% and 12.54% respectively.

In Europe, Mozilla’s Firefox beat both Edge and Safari with a 12.58% desktop share, while Chrome is still at the top. Microsoft’s Edge attaining the No.2 spot at the global level is expected, considering the push it’s receiving from its maker in the weirdest ways.

Microsoft is rubbing Edge on the faces of Windows 11 users in many ways, causing some of them to surrender and set it as a default browser. But, it’s also developing the browser with new features that are competitive enough.

All these increased Edge’s market share from 8.03% in March 2021 to 10.07% in April 2022, while the growth of Apple Safari decreased from 10.11% to 9.62% in the same period.


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