With the threat of the COVID pandemic fairly in control, Microsoft is preparing to hold the Ignite event in person this year. This is aside from the regular live streaming on Ignite website.

The company didn’t announce any further details about it, except the dates to be from October 12th to the 14th. Enthusiasts can expect Microsoft to talk more about Microsoft 365, Azure, and other business products rather than any updates regarding Windows.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 Event

One of the few conferences where Microsoft talks about its progress on upcoming projects – Ignite event – is scheduled from October 12th to the 14th. This year’s Ignite could be special, as Microsoft is planning to let people appear in person for the event, which has been skipped during the last two years due to pandemics.

While the availability and pricing of this entrance are yet to be revealed, the company is also keeping the Ignite website alive – so most people can attend virtually too. Microsoft created the Ignite website in late 2019, which removed the barrier of attending the event with pricy tickets.

Yet, people who attended the event in person get to have a better experience of the announcements, with some goodies coming as complementary. While we wait for the benefits of Ignite 2022, Microsoft also warned that the space would be limited this year.

Regarding the agenda, expect the company to talk about Microsoft 365, Azure, and other products related to business customers rather than individuals. The executives may also talk about Windows, but limited. The next major update for Windows 11 v22H2 is expected to come in September this year.

After this, we can expect Microsoft to start working on Windows 12 – but expect no leaks or details regarding this coming anytime soon.


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