Microsoft has now announced that Office 365 users would get an unlimited number of disposable emails. These are professionally called the Plus Addressing emails in Exchange Online pack, which can be altered to help them later in differentiating. This is announced by Microsoft last year and rolls out now. This remains off by default and should be activated manually.

Plus Addressing Comes to Exchange Online

Microsoft Office 365 Users Get Unlimited Disposable EmailsPlus, Addressing emails is so helpful, as they let you set customized emails for various services. For example, a user can set an email address of [email protected] to myself+soupstop@gmail and give it to the soup stop for receiving promotional emails. These will be sent to the actual [email protected] address.

This helps users to avoid much spam, know who’s sending and categorize them if needed. This kind of service is already available in Google’s Gmail for years and now reaches Microsoft Exchange Online users. The company has announced this in Ignite 2019 event and eventually rolled to some starting in September this year.

The Exchange Online is the background engine for all Microsoft communication platforms like Outlook. Now, letting users add their desired names as a suffix after “+” to their actual email will help them a lot. Since Microsoft sells all of its productivity apps bundled in an Office 365 package, which includes Exchange Online too.

Thus, these new disposable email support will be available for all the Office 365 users for free. This has been the most requested feature by Exchange admins in Microsoft’s UserVoice site. While this remains off by default in the settings, admins have to activate it manually like below;

  1. Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell.
  2. To enable plus addressing in your organization, run the following PowerShell command: Set-OrganizationConfig -AllowPlusAddressInRecipients $true
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