Following the step of Google, Microsoft is making a lite version of its native email client – Outlook for Android.

Although it’s spotted that Outlook lite for Android is available in some countries already, Microsoft may be widening the availability with today’s notification. The company said the lite app would bring the main benefits of the Outlook platform to low-end devices, with faster performance and works on any network.

Outlook Lite For Android

Over time, we’ve seen device makers and software vendors bumping their storage and processing power, but now making the apps smoothly on entry-level devices yet. This created a way for cloud-based services or the more popular lite version of apps.

Goggle has leveraged this well on its Android, where it created the Go series of apps for most of its Google suite. Gmail Go is among them, which imports all the features of the main client, but works extremely smooth on low-end devices.

Following this suite, Microsoft is making its lite version of the Outlook app for Android, as revealed in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The company stated that the new Outlook Lite app.

“brings the main benefits of Outlook in a smaller app size with fast performance for low-end devices on any network.”

ZDNet reported that an app of such already exists in a few countries, so this notice may be widening the availability of this new service. Moreover, it makes sense for Microsoft to make such an app, considering its popularity on Android devices.

Outlook app has over 500 million downloads in Play Store, which is equal to Gmail Go’s count (although it ships on Android Go devices). And to reach, or at least lessen the gap of Gmail’s count of 10 billion downloads, Microsoft should make something like Outlook Lite.


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