Microsoft OneNote – the notes app from Windows OS maker, hasn’t been so popular as the other Office 365 apps.

This is because Microsoft isn’t focusing on it much and left it abandoned. But now, the company announced making a slew of changes to its OneNote desktop app and polishing the UI of its Windows app counterpart. These will be seen over the course of months.

OneNote Desktop App Coming Again

For most apps out there, there are multiple versions of them to run on various machines, like Android, iOS, macOS, desktop, and Windows. For example, Microsoft makes two versions of its core apps, desktop and exclusively for Windows OS, to run on supporting machines.

OneNote, the notes app from Microsoft, has also received two versions – desktop and a specific Windows 10 app, to let users run it on both the desktop (UWP) and Windows 10 powered systems like phones, tablets, or computers.

For long, there’s no appropriate stance taken by Microsoft about its OneNote app, which was almost forgotten by the community. While we thought the future of this digital notes app is almost over, Microsoft came up with a plan to rejuvenate it.

As per its latest announcement, Microsoft is planning to refresh the UI of the OneNote app for Windows 10 by having few elements from Windows 11 included. The company hopes this visual experience should help its customers find the app interesting and productive once again.

Also, it decided to bring back the OneNote desktop app, which will have most features from its Windows 10 counterpart app included. For the unknown, Microsoft deprecated the OneNote desktop app in 2016, later brought it back in 2019, and started supporting it side-by-side.

But, both seemed to be out of Microsoft’s serious plans, as it didn’t focus on either of them deeply. Thus, users have almost forgotten the OneNote service with no updates and heavy competition from rivals like Google’s Keep.


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