After receiving backlash from the open-source community, Microsoft is now reversing the decision of removing a key feature from the .NET v6 framework.

The .NET 6 is expected to release next month, but earlier touted to come without a key part in Hot Reload. This angered the community since many hoped for using it to modify the code. But this was locked to Visual Studio 2022, which is a paid software.

Microsoft Rectified its Mistake

When Microsoft opened the source code of .NET for the public in 2014, everyone rejoiced since it’s the core for writing various applications with much flexibility. Many have been contributing to the .NET Foundation since then, but up until this week when the whole community was angered against Microsoft.

Being the corporate sponsor, Microsoft still holds the power in the development of .NET and processing new versions. Just when everyone is hoping for the next update of .NET (v6), Microsoft made a last-minute call to remove a key feature in Hot Reload.

This triggered the community as many wished for that feature to launch in .NET 6, which would help developers change the source code of an application and see results in almost real-time. Not just removing, but it was made specific to Visual Studio 2022, which is a paid software running on Windows OS.

As many accused Microsoft of breaking the open-source law, it now responded with a blog post explaining it as a mistake. The company dodged the decision as a mistake, as it planned for simply disabling the feature code instead of completely removing it.

Thus, it’s now enabled and be available in the .NET 6 SDK, launching on November 8th this year.

Announcing the reversal of this decision, NET’s director of program management, Scott Hunter said,

“As is true with many companies, we are learning to balance the needs of the OSS community and being a corporate sponsor for. NET. Sometimes we don’t get it right. When we don’t, the best we can do is learn from our mistakes and be better moving forward.”


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