Competing with the social media giants, Microsoft is adding its Communities feature in the Teams app on Windows 11 this week.

Users of Microsoft Teams will now be able to join various communities and interact with them, similar to other social media platforms. Also, the Teams app on Windows 11 is adding Microsoft Designer, an AI tool to create basic images on the fly.

Communities and Designer in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the many apps Redmond is focusing seriously on ever since the world struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is adding a host of new features in every update and is pushing widely across its products.

In this pursuit, Microsoft is adding the Communities feature to its Teams app on Windows 11 this week. Microsoft Communities is the company’s answer to Facebook and Discord and a streamlined way for interesting with personal and professional groups on the platform.

Launched originally in December, the Communities feature in Microsoft Teams lets you create new groups, share and invite members, host virtual events, moderate content and get notified about all important activities. The company is also planning to expand its support for communities to Windows 10, macOS, and even the web soon.

Further, Microsoft is also adding a preview version of its Desinger to the built-in version of Microsoft Teams on Windows 11. With the help of DALL-E, Microsoft Designer lets users create basic images from text inputs. These can be apt for making virtual event invites.

Aside from this, the Teams Communities feature add support for recording videos from a mobile device, add filters and share with internal groups. Also, you can even find featured communities to join across iOS, Android, and Windows 11. Microsoft says it’s bringing support for polls in Communities while also improving the moderation tools.

Finally, Microsoft is also revamping GroupMe – a group chat service that Redmond acquired in 2011 alongside Skype. Microsoft says GroupMe is still used by “millions of people every day,” thus the company is adding Teams calling support.


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