Windows 11 users are reporting an updating issue when they’re upgrading to the recent preview or cumulative builds, showcasing an error code as 0xc1900101.

As the number of reports on this issue surged, Microsoft noted that it’s a generic error when an update fails and rolls back to the previous version. As they’re monitoring it closely, there’s no official workaround for this issue yet.

Windows 11 Error 0xc1900101 Issue

Updating to a new version of Windows OS with some bugs is a usual day for the Microsoft users, who reduced complaining about generic issues lately. But, a new error that’s rising out of nowhere while updating to the latest Windows 11 OS is triggering users.

And it’s the error code 0xc1900101, which most report seeing while updating their systems to Windows 11 recent preview builds or cumulative updates. A search into Bing and Google didn’t result in any helpful solution. But as the complaints on this issue started popping up more in Feedback Hub, Microsoft noted it eventually.

In its note, Microsoft said;

“Thanks for taking the time to report this – error code 0xc1900101 is a generic error displayed when an update fails and rolls back for some reason. This is an area we monitor closely and can have different root causes depending on which build you were attempting to upgrade to and your setup.”

Some users said their physical systems are okay with the upgrading process, but the virtual machines are failing somehow. Especially with Vmware, which is crashing at the end of the updating process. Some also report rolling back to the previous version without any notice, wasting time and data of users.

Though Microsoft didn’t state any official workaround, here’s our take that could work only on Windows 11 preview Build 22593;

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the system drive.
  2. Locate and open ‘system32’.
  3. Remove SecretFilterAP.dll from system32 as it is a leftover from older builds.
  4. Reboot and check for updates again.
  5. Hope this helps until Microsoft comes with an official solution.


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