Moss Adams, a well-known accounting and wealth management firm from the US, has revealed a security breach into one of their employee’s email account, that could potentially be exposing sensitive details of their employees/customers.

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The accounting firm has detected an unauthorized person accessing one of their employee’s email account on October 10, 2019. As the account is containing some sensitive details like Social Security Numbers and other personal information, it’s supposed that an unauthorized third party could have accessed it. This revelation was stated in the California Attorney General’s website and is accessible now.

Moss Adams Disclosed A Data Breach
Moss Adams Disclosed A Data Breach

The company haven’t revelled the belonging of the breached data, of their employees or customers or both. Further, there’s no specific number given regarding the affected persons. The company’s statement read,

“Our investigation subsequently determined that the impacted Moss Adams email account was accessed by an unauthorized third party and this account contained some of your personal information, although we do not know if your personal information in the email account was actually accessed by the third party”.

After all, the firm assured the breach was limited to an email account only, and have not spread into the company’s network. As a part of aiding the affected individuals, the company offered a one-year credit monitoring service from TransUnion. It said,

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are offering you a one-year membership to TransUnion Interactive’s myTrueIdentity credit monitoring and identity restoration service at no cost to you”.


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