Netflix has seeded a new feature in the latest version of its Android client – the ability to play a video before its download completion.

This will let users view a title already without needing to wait until it’s fully downloaded. Netflix said this feature would be coming to iOS clients soon.

Netflix New Feature

Though Netflix is a heaven of entertainment, it requires a constant internet connection to view its extensive content. Well, it lets users save desired titles offline to view later, but it takes time.

And if it’s on your mobile data instead of WiFi, find a new pass time until it gets downloaded. As this turns out to be a hassle, Netflix has introduced a much-needed feature in its Android app that will let you stream the downloading title before it’s completely done.

The Verge spotted this support in Netflix’s latest Android app, v7.64, where users can stream a downloading title already, to the extent until it’s downloaded. This removes the hassle of waiting until it’s fully downloaded.

Talking to The Verge, Netflix said it’s testing similar support for iOS clients soon. Users can check and stream the in-progress content in their Downloads section or Continue Watching section.

Netflix has already introduced the Downloads For You tab in Android, which auto-downloads recommend TV shows and movies based on your watching history and saves them for streaming later.

And in iOS, it has Smart Downloads to auto-save the next episode of a favorite title when released. All these aim to increase the streaming time on the platform, as Netflix is facing rising competition from rivals.

We’ve seen Amazon acquired MGM for content sharing recently and AT&T partnering with Discovery for unique content – all aimed at taking the share of Netflix in its own game.


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