Knowing that it’s almost impossible to stop people from sharing accounts, Netflix came up with a plan to add more users to a single account in a better way.

And this is by adding up to two sub-accounts to standard or premium accounts for an additional price of $2-$3. Netflix started testing this new scheme in Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile, where it forms sub-accounts with all the personalized stuff transferred with a single click.

Netflix Sub-Accounts

Netflix is one of the famous and pricy OTT platforms that users tend to share accounts to balance heavy costs. There’s even a family plan to let users share accounts with someone under the same roof, but people are doing it without others far away.

Though Netflix knew this for a long time, it let people do it without enforcing strict actions. But, now, it’s hopefully planning to turn this method into a lucrative and legitimate one by offering a special price plan to suffice everyone.

On Wednesday, the company announced testing sub-accounts for a single account in standard and premium plans available in Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica. Under this, people with a single account can share it with others seamlessly by forming sub-accounts.

This will also easily transfer all the personalized recommendations, My List, and other profile data. And all this costs an additional $2-$3 in the current plan of the parent user. This setting seemed reasonable, as Netflix saw a dipping stock value in its last quarterly results, which resulted from the slow subscriber growth.

Also, the rising competition from Disney+, Amazon’s Prime Video, and others have been significant in the last couple of years. Thus, legitimizing password sharing is a good and lucrative way amidst this tough situation.


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