Pushing users to make their own accounts for streaming, Netflix announced a new feature called the ‘Profile Transfer’ – that lets users takeout their profile data out for a new account.

This is possible when they want to form a new account and thus transfer their profile data – containing all the viewing history and bookmarks – to a new account. This support is rolling out to all the countries where Netflix is available, starting today.

Netflix Profile Transfer Tool

Netflix has long been battling for shared accounts issues. And ever since it started losing subscribers and falling earnings, the company started countering this issue seriously. In this pursuit, we’ve seen the platform introducing a shared plan for a slightly higher price and even a special tier with ads for a lower price.

And now, we see a relative tool called Profile Transfer being added to Netflix to combat the password-sharing issue. Though the company didn’t mention account sharing as the exact reason, it said the tool is handy for broken relationships or people who move out from one home.

As they tend to go away, they can take their Netflix profile data along with them to a new account. Calling this a much-requested feature, Netflix said the new Profile Transfer is available in your profile settings and is easy to use.

Following the simple instructions, you can transfer your profile data – including the personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other settings – to a new account as a fresh profile. Once the transfer is done, the original account owner will be notified by email.

While you can always turn this setting off, Netflix surely wanted you to use this – and move out from shared profiles to individual accounts.


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