To let its users have a cinematic audio experience, Netflix said it’s bringing spatial audio support to select movie titles for all tiers.

Netflix users in all the regions can now search as ‘spatial audio’ to find supported movies and TV shows, and watch them with spatial sound experience – provided that they have a two-way surround sound system built into the device already.

Spatial Sound For Netflix Shows

While 3D audio is generally popular when compared to regular sound effects, it picked up more crowd last year when Apple announced spatial sound support for its iPhones and AirPods. And now, Netflix is adding this support to some of its titles for all users.

As announced by the streaming giant, users of all tiers and in all regions can stream select content with spatial audio effect, provided that they have a two-way surround stereo system already in the device.

This helps Netflix to push the audio in a three-dimensional model without the need for additional surround sound speakers or home theater equipment. And it’s gained with the help of Sennheiser’s AMBEO technology – which Netflix’s CEO licensed to power it’s content in a more cinematic way.

Netflix users can search as “spatial audio” in the search bar to see titles supporting this new audio mode. Currently, they have the fourth season of Stranger Things, The Adam Project, Red Notice, The Witcher, Locke & Key, etc in the spatial audio library.

Apple users who’re streaming Netflix content with spatial audio may not notice any difference, as they have the support enabled already. But, Netflix noted that iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV users should set the streaming quality to High, or leave it at Auto to watch it in spatial audio mode.


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