A couple of months after launch, OnePlus 11 has gone through JerryRigEverything’s durability test – showing how reliable the device is.

The entire video showed how easy it is to crack the back glass in bend test, while how weak the in-indisplay fingerprint sensor is. The only good thing here is that the device didn’t break apart like its predecessors. Thus, OnePlus has improved a bit with the 11 Series, but still has room for improvement.

OnePlus 11 Durability Test Results

As per his routine of checking how strong and reliable the new-age smartphones are, Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything has laid his hands on OnePlus 11. Starting with the display, OnePlus did a good job by implanting the Gorilla Glass Victus – which made it hard for cracking it.

Well, Nelson continued to scratch the display deeper – only to find out that the In-display fingerprint sensor is much weaker than expected. Deeper grooves made into it resulted in the sensor going unusable – which the YouTuber noted as abnormal, compared to other flagships.

Well, the display survived burns with a lighter, with pixels being damaged even after a minute (nearly) under the torch. But coming to back, the glass panel broke all over in the bend tests. The first crack appeared right at start, making it of poor quality already. While the second bend triggered the bottom edge glass, cracking everything into tiny pieces.

While it’s bad, the only good news is that the OnePlus 11 didn’t break into half like its predecessors. Even after all this torture, the phone was fully functional! Similar durability tests against OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus 10T resulted in the phones being broken into half, and useless.

Though it’s appreciable that OnePlus worked out to better its latest flagship from its predecessors, it still has some room for improvement, especially on the rare case front.


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