While the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition has only launched for Chinese customers, it’s glad that we’re getting at least the wallpapers of it. A user from XDA developers has tweaked the softwares to extract some OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk only wallpapers, sounds, and animations to be usable on other Android phones.

Download OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpapers

Continuing the tradition, OnePlus has partnered with the game Cyberpunk 2077 to make a special edition smartphone of its OnePlus 8T and was launched only in China. The phone’s bearing the finest display, powerful SoC, faster storage technology, and latest software. It’s even having a typical rear camera module.

All in all, making the handset even more special is the custom Cyberpunk 2077 theme it has. These special edition smartphones come with customized wallpapers, tunes, ringtones, and others. This whole revamped UI is what some people actually purchase it for. And if you’re unable to get one, here’s a workaround.

Linuxct from the XDA group has made the Cyberpunk 2077 wallpapers available for all other Androids. He released about ten wallpapers including the original, two modified, and four live ribbon wallpapers. He warned that your handset should be having the OpenGL standard to run these wallpapers as smooth as in OnePlus 8T.

For instance, he tested them in his Xperia XZ running Android 9.0 forced 4K resolution, which worked. Besides these, another user named AndroPlus has tweaked the Cyberpunk edition to extract the handset’s boot animation, its Icon pack, UI Sound and FOD animation.

While you can get these sounds simply by downloading them, you have to install two apps for trying the wallpapers. Make sure you go through the process as mentioned to avoid any misconfigurations.


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