There’s no doubt calling the OnePlus as the best Android premium out there. With cool features fitted in, OnePlus is serving in the budget premium segment and is set to offer its next flagship, OnePlus 8. While it isn’t confirmed yet, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus confirmed to Verge in last week’s CES event that the upcoming phone will feature a grand screen update; the 120Hz refresh rate.

The Upgraded Display

OnePlus is gradually grabbing the share of once greatest Android premium, Samsung. Pete Lau is spearheading the company’s servings into smartphones and recently, into smart TVs. And the details sent to Verge reveals the company is preparing to develop its display to the maxim which is available in the market now.

OnePlus CEO Confirms The Next Flagship To Feature 120Hz Refresh Rate
Image by PixaBay

Lau claims the next flagship will be the “best smartphone display in 2020” as it’s reported to be featuring a 120Hz refresh rate, up from its current 90Hz. May the phone be called OnePlus 8 and further as Pro series, but an image from Verge partially shows the phone’s interior design of parts. The disclosed top part shows MEMC chip and pop-up camera setup.

MEMC chip is what enables videos to play at 120Hz by inserting additional frames when needed. Further, the phone many feature pop-up front camera as current flagship. The company has worked with Samsung to produce OLED displays for its handsets, and its work on OxygenOS led improved animations and smoother display performance.

Aside from this, company also reveals that it’ll feature 240Hz of touch sampling rate, 10-bit colour, and a massive 1000 nits of peak brightness in HDR content.

The Real Cost

Embedding marvellous displays wouldn’t just push the handset’s price, there’s another hidden cost user paying for it; Battery life!

Watching any HDR video with peak brightness or playing high-end games with such refresh rates and touch rates will eat power than any other feature. Though higher battery capacities and fast charging can help, they couldn’t save phone’s being blacked out for more than 10hours in a single go. Until and unless the masterpiece is launched and experienced, we’d speculate it to be great at least by specifications.


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