Microsoft is working on a new update feature called “Online Service Experience Packs”, which are aimed at improving the user experience of individual sections in Windows 11.

As seen in the latest Windows 11 build, a new Online Service Experience Pack has revamped the ‘Your Microsoft account’ in the Settings section, to display details like subscriptions, rewards payment details, etc.

Feature Updates For Windows 11

Up until Windows 10, users are supposed to wait for the mega rollout of a new Windows update to see new features from Microsoft. But, the maker is working on “Windows Experience Packs” to rollout individual updates to improve a few sections or features in the Windows OS.

While this is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft is working on yet another similar updating process called “Online Service Experience Packs“, exclusive for Windows 11. As per reports, this is available in Windows 11 Build 22489, to Windows Insiders in the Dev channel.

Named as the “Online Service Experience Pack – Windows.Settings.Account“, installing this will tweak the Your Microsoft account in the Settings app, to display details like active subscriptions to apps and services, Outlook email, links to recent order history, Microsoft Rewards, and linked payment details.

This makes the managing of them easy and was introduced after receiving feedback from the testers. The Online Service Experience Packs are so helpful in such terms, as Microsoft can make changes to default sections in the Windows 11 with petty updates, whenever available.

This avoids the user waiting time for experiencing improvements and new features until Microsoft rolls out a major feature update, which happens only once a year for Windows 11.

Similar to Your Microsoft account in Settings, we may see Online Experience Packs rolling out for the disk management page, Windows Update page, File Explorer, Start Menu, Taskbar, etc sections soon.


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