Though a huge file of videos and photos belonging to Onlyfans were dumped online yesterday, the platform claims that it wasn’t hacked after all. This fairly popular content-sharing site is more like a premium Twitter, where users pay a subscription fee for watching their desired celebs doing their work. On the other hand, it’s just another way for famous personalities to make income.

Leaked somehow, but not breached

More than 1.6TB worth of content belonging to Onlyfans was leaked online. The leaked content contains videos and photos of those shared by celebrities for a subscription. Celebrities here includes models, influencers, public figures and sex workers. Now assume the file containing pornographic content that’s now accessible by the public.

Onlyfans Claims No Data Breach Even After its Content Being Dumped Online
Onlyfans Claims No Data Breach Even After its Content Being Dumped Online

The leak was immediately caught by fans in Twitter who started making it viral. This soon reason many journalists as Vonny LeClerc. Soon after this, Steve Pym, marketing chief of Onlyfans responded as, they have “found no evidence of any breach of our systems” and that the leaked files appear to “be curated from multiple sources, including other social media applications.”

Poor security practises!

Though the platform claims nothing has been breached, it’s evident the admins are following poor security practises for protecting their site’s content. Sites as Netflix blocks taking screenshots and recording video to avoid pirating content, but there is nothing such measures taken by Onlyfans. It’s the same course for all other platforms in this industry.

Photos and videos from the site can easily be procured and shared to another platform, without any permission. Further, an FAQ described a remedy for permission-less video postings as “we will assist you” to celebs, which seems lazy.

Via: The Verge


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