As per Ookla’s recent analysis, the 5G speeds in the UK have increased significantly to regain consumers’ lost interest in the new network standard.

5G initially have failed in the UK and many countries due to poor speeds, which were noted contrary to paper statements. But now, with more adoption of 5G devices and wider availability, 5G speeds in the UK have increased significantly.

Increased 5G Speed in the UK

For a couple of years, 5G, one of the exciting technologies, has been widely pronounced by many companies and governments to make futuristic things possible easily and soon.

This happens if the new network standard offers a substantial increase in internet speeds as per its theoretical statements but fails initially. For example, 5G rollout in advanced countries initially had low speeds and was hooked with conspiracy theories related to health.

All these squeezed out the consumer confidence last year, but it’s bettering now, as per Ookla – a speed test service. According to its latest analysis, the 5G speeds in the UK have risen significantly to refill consumer confidence.

With an average speed of 167 Mbps, the UK stands third in the overall speed rankings chart. It’s now having the fastest 5G speeds than other nations in Europe, the US and Japan, and it only falls behind South Korea and China.

The actual rise was seen in H1 2021, as Speedtest logged the download rates of 29.96 Mbps, a significant jump from 21.44 Mbps in H1 2019 and 23.60 Mbps in H2 2020. This surge is reasoned with the increased adoption of 5G devices and the wider availability of networks.

In terms of network availability, the UK stands behind many nations in and out of Europe. With the US at the top (nearly 50% 5G availability), UK stands somewhere in the top 10 with 10.2% coverage. Fellow European nations even crossed it like Netherlands, Ireland, and Spain with significant 5G coverage.


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