A recent update pushed to the Philips Hue app added the “Natural Light” scene – a feature that works according to the outside environment.

Based on the weather conditions and time outside, the connected Hue bulb will turn the light settings within a room to make it more realistic. Although it was removed after a couple of hours, it went live and may come officially to all.

Natural Light in Philips Hue App

Out of the many smart bulbs we have today, offerings from Philips are slightly costly. But they justify the pricing with exciting features that aid us every day. One of them is a “Natural Light” setting, which Philips announced last year, and promised to roll out by the fall.

Though it ditched us, it accidentally showed how the feature would work and removed it! As noted by the Hue Blog, Philips rolled out the Natural Light feature to its Hue app this week and removed it after some hours.

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But those who enabled the Hue app (v4.22.0) can see the feature turning your light temperature to match the external environment. It means it’ll make the lighting cooler in the morning, get brighter in the afternoon, and dimmer or warm in the evening.

Designed to help you stay productive and feel supported in your overall well-being, Natural light uses different shades of warm-to-cool white light to mimic the sun’s movement throughout the day.

Users initially have to set six blocks of time (five during the day and one at night), each with a different color temperature and brightness – each block having at least 30 minutes. Saving the settings will make the app control the connected bulb accordingly, hopefully leaving you with a pleasant experience.

Although, the new feature is still in the works, and warned that the scene could lead to unexpected behavior. We hope this will be fixed and rolled officially to everyone soon.


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