Adobe in its Max 2021 event held yesterday announced a range of new updates and features to Photoshop.

The widely used photo editing software is now available on browsers, with limited features. But on desktop and iPad, it comes with various new tools based on AI, to change landscape backgrounds, hue, shift colors, select objects easily, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Update

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the popular offering, used by millions for various purposes. This makes the maker focus much on it, as the community’s expectations are always high on each update.

Satisfying them all, Adobe unleashed a new version of Photoshop in its Max 2021 event yesterday, where it’s having “Hover Auto-masking Object Selection Tool“. This new feature will let users select an object in the scene by just hovering the mouse over it.

Photoshop Automatically Crop Objects

Once selected, it will automatically crop the object with all edges precisely, thus saving time for the user. While it’s still in beta, Adobe said it may not be able to select all the objects accurately. So if it misses anything, you can follow the old-school style of manual selection and processing.

Aside from this, there’s a “mask all objects” feature, which too is powered by Adobe’s Sensei AI, and surfaces all the objects in a given scene automatically with one simple scan. It then proceeds to mask them all and show up all editing tools for further manipulation.

Others include an update to last year’s Neural Filters, which now adds more filters like Landscape Mixer, Color Transfer, and Harmonization. While the Landscape Mixer can blend several landscapes to form a new scene, Color Transfer can take the colors, contrast, and other elements from a photo to apply them to another photo.

Harmonization, at last, is used for overlaying a foreground image onto a background and adjusting the luminosity, hue, etc automatically to fit both images perfectly.


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