Less than a week after the official launch, Pixel 6a is now eligible for the Android 13 Beta update. Google is pushing the Beta 4.1 update to Pixel 6a with minor improvements in design but a range of new features.

Interested users can enroll in the Android Beta program and receive the update or flash their device with the Android 13 system image. Whatever you do, it’s recommended to back up your sensitive data before updating the device.

Android 13 Beta Update For Pixel 6a

The stripped-down variant in the Pixel 6 series – Pixel 6a, was launched less than a week ago. But this didn’t stop the OEM from passing the phone with new updates, making it a special Android device.

As noted in Google Developer forums, Pixel 6a is now eligible to receive the Android 13 Beta 4 update. Interested people can visit the Android Beta Program website, log in with their Google account and enroll themselves.

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With the same email account logged into your device, you shall receive the update from Google – as Android 13 Beta 4.1. It’s recommended to back up any sensitive data before starting the updating process, as beta software can have issues.

If not this way, you can also download the latest system image from Google and flash it on your Pixel 6a. You may use the Android Flash Tool to help you with the process. And at any time you want to leave the program, you can easily opt out by visiting the same pages.

A thing to note here, all your data will be erased when you get back to the normal Android state. So it’s highly recommended to have backups of your data before taking any step.

Talking about the features in Android 13 Beta 4, you’ll see themed icons and support for large screens and tablets. Also, the updates for privacy and security. Well, even though you don’t want to update to Android 13, you should at least install the first OTA that arrived on the first day of Pixel 6a’s retail release since it contains bug fixes.


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