Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation has got an interesting update today, revealed by the protagonist’s voice artist Yrui Lowenthal.

Speaking to a comic news outlet, Lowenthal said there’s still a little bit to do for the game, and would probably be released by fall this year. This coincides with the game’s Creative Director statement earlier and also the launch timeline of Insomniac Games every year.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation

One of the best games everyone recommends playing on PlayStation is Marvel’s Spider-Man – which was launched in 2018. And since was an instant success, the makers of it – Insomniac Games – have decided to come up with a sequel.

Though they released another similar game called Spider-Man: Miles Morales, fans are eagerly waiting for the relative sequel – Spider-Man 2. The maker has been crafting it for over four years, with a timeline of unsure release!

Well, we do have a certain launch period now – as per a note coming from Yrui Lowenthal, the voice actor of Peter Parker in the game. In a statement to the Comic Book Movie, the star said he “still [has] got a little bit to do” on the upcoming game and promised that Insomniac Games is “confident about their release date,” without revealing the launch date.

Previous statements from the game’s Creative Director Brian Intihar reveal the launch could be sometime in Q4 2023, as he said the title would be “ready for release next Fall” in an interview with the PlayStation Blog in December 2022.

Further, PlayStation recently mentioned Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in its Upcoming Games of 2023 promotional material, confirming the game’s launch sometime this year. And with Insomniac Games launching the original Spider-Man, Miles Morales version in the second half of every year, we expect the sequel to be coming in this period too.

Calling the game astonishing already, Lowenthal said:

“I’m so excited for you to play it. They know they’ve got big shoes to fill from the last two games, and they’ve done it; I just can’t wait for people to play it”.


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