Trump administration has blacklisted Huawei from doing any kind of business with the US related companies. This has resulted in a huge loss for both Huawei and American based companies. Now the US administration is trying to persuade their alliances like the UK and Germany to ban Huawei.

The main reason behind this ban is security issues. Trump administration thinks that Huawei is spying on the users and is secretly sharing all the user data with the Chinese government. While these are just speculations, Trump has decided to blacklist the company altogether.

Russia Has Signed a 5G Deal With Huawei After This Incident

Putin is Against US for their Attempts to Push Huawei from Global Market
Putin is Against US for their Attempts to Push Huawei from Global Market

The US has been in attempts to ban the company from the global market. On the contrary, Huawei has signed contracts with countries like Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has addressed this issue in 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Chinese President Xi Jinping was also at the conference.

He condemned the US attempts of squeezing out Huawei from the global market. Putin also added that this act of US is called as the “world’s first technological war of the dawning digital era.”

Huawei has signed an agreement with Russia this Wednesday. The Russian giant telecom company MTS and Huawei will together work on the 5G network development in the country.

Huawei has been in turmoil since May due to this blacklist issue. All the giant companies like Google, Qualcomm Snapdragon has stopped their business with Huawei now. The company also planned to launch their own OS on which the latest model mobiles from Huawei will work.


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