Filmmakers of movies Rambo V: Last Blood and Ava have filed a lawsuit in Hawaii, accusing 16 “John Doe” persons of illegally sharing the movie torrents. The plaintiffs have linked them all to RARBG, even though they don’t have any strong evidence except some IP addresses linked to them. Yet, they were now accused of the act and could possibly be fined.

RARBG Users Targeted by Lawsuit

It’s common that copyright owners often accuse piracy makers of infringing their work. While this can be settled with some consideration if the defendants are known, infringers have turned clever by using one-time emails, VPNs, etc for anonymous or safe browsing. Yet, they’re found somehow.

In the latest development, a group of moviemakers of Ava and Rambo V: Last Blood have filed a lawsuit in Hawaii court, alleging that 16 people have shared the torrent files of their movies on the piracy platform RARBG.

While the plaintiffs didn’t specially mention any proof on how those 16 “John Doe” persons linked to the RARBG site, they termed to have retrieved their IP addresses with the help of Maverickeye.

AVA torrent
AVA torrent

Thus, they proceeded with the complaint that those users have illegally shared the files “Ava.2020.WEBDL.x264-FGT” and “Rambo.Last.Blood.2019.1080p.KORSUB.HDRip.x264.AAC2.0-STUTTERSHIT” on RARBG, but these file names are common and usual in other torrent swarms too. Further, they mentioned the RARBG site as “notorious” and “promotes and distributes” pirated content.

They said, “Upon information and belief each of the Defendants registered for an account on the movie piracy website ‘RARBG’ using an email address or installed a BitTorrent Client application on their device that retrieved torrent files from the movie piracy website ‘RARBG.”

A comment requested by Torrent Freak to the plaintiffs’ attorney was declined. While it’s unsure how it could end, the community expects this could have the same fate as in the YTS case where YTP has handed over the database to the plaintiffs lawyer who then started targeting users with their email addresses. They could let go if agreed for a private settlement ranging from a few hundreds of dollars.


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