TorrentFreak has discovered a new campaign directed at YTS users, where a law firm named Culpepper IP is demanding a cash settlement to avoid suing for copyright infringement. This is happening because the YTS is sharing its users’ details to the law firm, where it’s now able to threaten them. 

YTS Sells its User Data to a Law Firm!

Pirate sites like The Pirate Bay, YTS, 1337x, etc ask us to create an account with personal details to get better access and save lists. While we do this believing them, there’s no trust guaranteed by them to safeguard that data. And now, it’s at least confirmed that one of the popular sites is selling that sensitive data!

YTS is ranked as the second-most popular site after The Pirate Bay in terms of traffic. It was sued by a Hawaii based law firm called Culpepper IP earlier this year, where the lawyers are representing several movie houses that make movies like Rambo: Last Blood, Hellboy, etc. Back then, apart from receiving a fine of $1 million, YTS was forced to agree to co-operate with Culpepper IP.

The agreement is about handing over the identifiable information about alleged users whenever wanted. Under this, the law firm has now started sending out emails to some individuals based in the US explaining them about their infringement and threatening to list them under the defendants’ list in case an amount (close to $1,000) was not paid.

The email includes the email address of the user, his IP address, and the date when he downloading the concerned torrent file. It also explained that YTS is subjected to help them in identifying such users, as the owner of it, Senthil Vijay Segaran complied with it.


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