The Amazon-owned home security devices maker, Ring, had announced new products yesterday. This includes a Car Cam and a smart alarm, making the Ring’s first venture out of home security.

The Car Cam has a feature called Traffic Stop, which will record the interactions between police and user when they’re pulled over. Also, it can monitor the car’s surroundings for any potential physical harm.

Amazon’s Ring to Record Your Interactions With Police

Ever since the Amazon acquired Ring, its pumping the home security devices maker with all the required money to produce new gadgets; here’s one that Ring came up with yesterday, alongside Amazon’s new Alexa smart speakers. The company has launched Car Cam, a new camera to be fitted in cars to serve various purposes.

Also, this marks the Ring’s first-time venture out of making home security products. It says the Ring Car Cam, worth $200, can be used to record user’s interactions with the police whenever there’s trouble in the car. Especially, if you’re getting pulled over, you can out “Alexa, I’m being pulled over” to let the Car Cam to start recording things and upload them to the cloud directly.

Named as Traffic Stop, this device can also be used to monitor your car’s surroundings when it’s left in the parking or transit. This can be helpful in sites of robbery or vandalism. Besides this, Ring has launched a smart alarm for $60 to alert users whenever there’s a break-in.

It’s speculated the introduction of the Car Cam feature came after several authorities and right activists called out Ring for having close partnerships with police. The Car Cam feature can also contact the immediate responders (pre-fed contacts) for help in emergencies like accidents.


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