Sabrent, one of the many companies that are racing to launch a PCIe 5 SSD – has announced its upcoming card, Rocket X5 can deliver upto 14Gbps speeds!

This is the maximum processing speed of PCIe Gen 5 SSDs – thus placing any hardware that can hit this speed at the top of the line. Well, there are chances that it may be limited by supply chain issues since all the 3D NAND manufacturers that make 2400MTps chips are suffering to produce chips in mass quantities.

PCIe 5 SSD With 14Gbps Speed

Years after sticking to the 4th generation, all the SSD manufacturers are now racing to produce the next generation SSDs – that has speeds of up to 15Gbps. Though it’s theoretically possible to hit such high read/write speeds, the SSDs could be limited by several factors – effectively limiting their final speeds.

Well, pushing all those aside, Sabrent has now announced that its upcoming Rocket X5 SSD can hit speeds of 14Gbps – putting itself as top in the line. The new “Rocket X5” PCIe Gen 5 SSD is currently in the prototyping stage, with Sabrent planning to change the name and label before its release and the final transfer rate.

PCIe 5 SSD With 14Gbps Speed
(Image credit: Sabrent)

Sabrent is trying to push the performance of its new card as high as the SSD technology allows, without other factors getting in the way. The prototype Rocket X5 is already hitting read speeds in excess of 12 GBps, thus it’s making a good progress.

But again, this can be limited by several factors – especially the supply chain issues coming from third-party OEMs – like the 3D NAND manufacturers that make 2400MTps chips, which can’t mass produce their chips. These are essential for the PCIe Gen 5 SSDs in recording the 14Gbps speeds.


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