People running the Samsung Pay app on non-Samsung devices have reported errors logging into their Samsung ID since last week.

Most people shared that the Samsung ID they used for logging in returns an “ID not valid” error when trying to use the app on non-Samsung devices. While there’s no official announcement made by Samsung yet, a customer support executive confirmed that Samsung Pay would no longer support on non-Samsung devices.

Samsung Pay App Login Issues

Since last week, several users reported login issues with the Samsung Pay service running on their non-Samsung devices, which used to be good all this time. Anyone trying to use the app with Samsung credentials is displayed an error as “ID not valid“.

ID not valid on galaxy watch active plugin from SamsungPay

While there’s no specific reason stated by Samsung Inc yet, people said that reaching the customer support had responses from the executives saying that the Samsung Pay app will no longer work on non-Samsung devices!

Though this was stated by a Samsung executive, this may not be the official case yet, as Samsung would make a public statement whenever there’s a big change of such. With that in mind, many think this is a bug, like the Samsung credentials they used for logging into the Pay app still work on accessing other Samsung services.

So there’s a high chance of an unknown bug in the Samsung Pay app that’s blocking users from accessing it. Or, Samsung’s recent introduction of a new service – Samsung Wallet, could also be the unsaid reason for this error now.

Samsung said the new Wallet service would house everything from storing digital IDs to vehicle cars (for supported cars) to payment data. So there’s a high chance that Samsung may be gradually ditching the Pay app for users (starting with non-Samsung users) and replacing it with the Samsung Wallet.

Whatever, the community was triggered by this move, especially after a confirmation from the company’s executive that the Pay app won’t work on non-Samsung devices. People who brought the Galaxy Watch 4 and high-end non-Samsung devices are frustrated by this stance and are waiting for a solution.


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