Samsung added a new “Repair Mode” to its Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea to keep the sensitive data secure while the device was given for e repair.

Users fearing that technicians, or anyone in general, may access the sensitive data on the phone while it’s away can turn this mode on with a PIN. Though it’s available only for Galaxy S21 phones now, Samsung may bring this to all other major models soon.

Repair Mode in Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung is already appreciated for its Knox security suite – which aims to secure user data with more policies in place. Now, the company added yet another data security measure called Repair Mode in the Galaxy S21 series – aimed at securing the data while the device is sent for a repair.

So whenever you send your Galaxy S21 to Samsung for a repair, or to any third-party service, you can enable this to keep your data from being accessed by others. While most OEMs (even Samsung) advise you to factory reset your device before sending it, this addition is a bit better.

The Galaxy S21 users in South Korea can enable this in the Settings > Battery and Device Care section. Turning this on, the device will reboot, keeping the sensitive data (like pictures, videos, and files) behind a wall that’s only unlocked with a PIN or your fingerprint.

Also, it will turn the phone similar to a device that’s been factory reset – keeping only the stock Android apps, which are available to repairers. This setting lets you send the device without any fear of data exploitation. Though this has been rolled to just Galaxy S21 devices now, Samsun may add this to more devices later.


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