Most of us know about the Roblox Gaming platform, where millions of gamers communicate with each other and show their gaming skills. It allows you to play games that are created by others. Roblox has so many different types of games on its platform, from puzzles to funny to scary games.

There are different genres available in the gaming world, and some players want to get entertained in some other ways. One of the methods is playing Scary Roblox games. These Scary / Horror Roblox games are fun to play and have great suspense. Now directly jump into the Compilation of best horror Roblox games, you can pick according to your need.

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List of Best Scary / Horror Roblox Games

1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence

Dead silence is the best horror Roblox game for those who like to play action and violent games. The game has different types of challenges, and the players face some random odds.

A maximum of three players are allowed in the game as if you play alone; it might be scarier. The player (you) are an investigator who gathers every piece of information about Mary Shaw. As you go further, you reveal new mysteries about Shaw. Once the game is finished, you might face Mary Shaw.

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2. The Horror Elevator

The Horror Elevator

As in the name, we can see, Elevator, that means the player is in the Elevator, and it stops at a random floor. There is a total of 24 floors, and each of the floors has different scary scenes. As the player reaches to next base, the difficulty level of the game increases. You can play this game online with any random player.

On each floor, you need to be ready to fight against other killers. The game keeps adding new floors and killers.

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3. The Mirror

The Mirror

The Mirror is a single-player horror game that is created to make a strange face in the mirror. It is based on real psychology. This game represents the phenomenon of reflection. You need to drive through a difficult obstacle course based on events that lead to new challenges.

When the lights are dim in the room, the fun begins as you hear sounds and see visuals. All the kids who want to enter this game get a warning before it is started.

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4. Alone in A Dark House

Alone in a Dark House

In the title itself, you can see the word ‘Alone,’ which means you will be alone in the dark house. It is a mysterious, theatrical horror game, where you will be the investigator who travels to town to investigate a brutal vehicle and finds out some dark secret about the family. You will see the ghost visuals in the room.

It allows 20 players at once in the gameplay, and the player can earn badges by completing the tasks.

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5. The Apartment

The Apartment

The Apartment is a super scary Roblox game where you need to explore apartment buildings. The players need to go to the buildings, but your way will be scary when you go to the top of the apartment. You can win all the obstacles that come in between your way. When users try to reach room 705, they will have a really mysterious time.

With the help of the map, you have to walk around and reach the seventh floor. However, the gameplay is a bit slow and will take longer. While playing the game, you can do a Discord voice chat to get the best experience.

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6. Piggy Traitor Mode

Piggy traitor mode

It is a multiplayer horror game on Roblox where randomly one of the players is selected as a traitor. The game creator has added other modes, i.e., Traitor Game Mode, after the success of Piggy Mode.

A random player is selected as a traitor, and if you are the one, you will see a cutscene taking place in the house. You will join hands with Piggy to take down other players by playing some tricks. The twist comes here as no one is your friend, neither Piggy nor the Survivors so that anyone can attack you.

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7. Zombie Attack

Zombie attack

In starting, the game might not be scary, but as it continues, the Zombie Attacks game is one of the scariest games on Roblox. Just like other Zombies survival games, make the team with your friends and win the waves of zombies. You can earn rewards and XP by killing the boss and rare zombies.

As you go ahead, you will unlock new weapons and challenges in the game. If you die, you will become a zombie, and the players who were your friends will become your enemies.

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8. Nightmare Mine

Nightmare Mine

It shows a mining facility that is attacked by zombies who were miners but later turned into creatures. They will eat your brain, and you have to stop them from spreading and discovering a path to escape the place. Nightmare Mine is a multiplayer game where a player is trapped with 8 other players in the mine.

It is the scariest mining game and has the best graphics. We can say this game is a little different from other Roblox scary games. If you want a horror plus action game, then this is for you.

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