Though Windows 11 is an exciting offering, it has a few caveats that didn’t interest the users. One example is the ditching of the search box in the Taskbar in favor of the Start Menu.

Well, since this was frustrating to some, Microsoft is now bringing the search box back to Taskbar – for quick access. This is a part of the Windows 11 Preview Build 22621.1343, where it’s added by default to the taskbar. Interested users can try this or disable this from Settings.

Windows 11 Search Box in Taskbar

If you’re an avid user of the search box in Taskbar, you must have been feeling ill when Microsoft ditched this in the Windows 11 update. It is replaced with a search button that forces you to type your query into a pop-up menu – reminding us of the Windows 8 experience.

Since it’s frustrating, many have voiced their concern against this change in Windows 11 – which Microsoft cares about now. In a new Windows 11 Preview Update rolled out today, Redmond has added back the Search Box in Taskbar, letting users feel like they do in Windows 10.old task bar vs new task bar

Well, this has been in testing in Windows 11 Dev and Beta builds since September last year and now comes bundled in Release Preview Build v22621.1343. Enabled by default, this search box shows the text from your query as you type in, with relevant results shown in the pop-up menu aside.

And if the system doesn’t find any results relevant to your query, it shows up the web results – a typical Windows behavior. Aside from this, Build 22621.1343 also includes the following features and changes;

  • Link to Quick Assist support app added to the bottom of Settings > System > Troubleshooters
  • Energy recommendations are provided in Settings > System > Power & Battery > Energy Recommendations
  • Improved System Tray experience with rounded focus and hover treatment
  • Touch-optimized taskbar for 2-in-1 devices
  • Improved support for braille devices, and
  • Better voice access

If you’re a Windows Insider in the Release Preview Channel, you can see this feature being added to Taskbar after the latest update. But if you’re not a part of it, you’ll see this coming soon to the general Release Build.


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