Mathway, a popular app for solving math problems, has its data stolen and being sold in hacking forums now. The culprits here are identified to be ShinyHunters, the ones behind Tokopedia, Chatbooks, Zoosk, etc. The database they’re selling was claimed to be stolen in January, and now selling it for $4,000 worth Bitcoin/Monero in several hacking groups. Mathway said it’s investigating the incident and informing their customers.

Database for sale
Database for sale

It’s ShinyHunters Again!

ShinyHunters is the hottest cybercriminal group hailing in security space now. It’s responsible for Tokopedia, and many other breaches like Zoosk, Chatbooks, Mindful, SocialShare, etc. It’s infamous for selling the stolen data in public groups, thinking it a better way to monetize their activities rather than asking for ransom from victims.

Earlier this month, ShinyHunters have put up over 73 million records for several companies for sale, and researchers estimate it could’ve sold over 200 million stolen records to date.

ShinyHunters Have Stolen and Selling 25 Million Mathway User Records
ShinyHunters Have Stolen and Selling 25 Million Mathway User Records

And the latest victim falling into the hands of this group, is Mathway, a popular platform for assisting users with basic and advanced math problems. Though it’s target customers are mostly children, it’s hailed to be a popular service and standing top in both Playstore and Appstore. ShinyHunters have said that they breached into the Mathway’s backend network in January this year and dumped the data they needed.

Later now, they’re selling that stolen data of over 25 million records consisting of usernames and hashed passwords, in public hacking forums. Reports from data brokers telling the database were being sold on Telegram groups too! The hash algorithm used for passwords is still unknown, thus a long way to break them.

But it’s still up for sale for $4,000 in Bitcoin or Monero. Mathway said, it did discover this intrusion and now informing its customers. And as a precaution, all users are advised to change their passwords immediately.

Via: ZDNet


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