Signal has introduced new support to its platform, which gives users few more reasons to use it. These include new solid and gradient wallpapers for individual chats, a new About section to define more about yourselves, and support for native and third-party animated stickers in conversations.

Single New Features

While people are picking Signal over WhatsApp for being more private, it isn’t user friendly yet. Yes, Signal has a lot of room to improve and be more appealing than other competitive messengers today.

Thus, the platform has introduced new features that put it at par with WhatsApp in some areas. These include;

Chat Wallpapers

To date, Signal has only the static wallpapers of plain colors. Now, users can choose from various colors, either solid or gradient, and make them dim to set by dark them. These can be set for individual chats or one for all basis. To select one, open that discussion, to Conversation Settings > Set Wallpaper and choose one.

About Section

Like WhatsApp, users here can tell more about themselves in the About section, which was newly added. To see this, go to your profile and tap on your name. Write something about yourself and add an emoticon to describe it even better.

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Animated Stickers

This is great and much-needed support for any instant messenger today. While it supports static stickers now, letting users share animated ones make their conversations more interesting. Users can try the native, animated stickers pack or something else from third-party ones, as in WhatsApp.

Media Settings in iOS

Apple users have long been asking about the customized settings for media downloads in their Signal iOS app. This is needed as many don’t want the media to be downloaded automatically; thus, it is now. Also, iOS users can now view the profile picture of their contacts in full-screen view.


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