Signal messenger has been on a ride since last year. The private communication platform was recommended by famous personalities from around the world, including the Anonymous group, Edward Snowden, and Elon Musk. Since many people are leaning onto it now, here’s our guide to using Signal on your PC.

After all, being a mobile messenger doesn’t mean you should be using it only on your phone, and we see a lot of users who stay productive onto the PCs than on their phones. To all those who’re looking for a way to use Signal on their Windows PC, Mac & Linux without any disturbances, here’s how to do it;

Steps to Use Signal on Windows, Mac and Linux

Understanding the uprising demand, the Signal team has made a desktop client available for all types of users. Irrespective of your base OS (Windows, Linux, or macOS), Signal is available for all and works effectively once connected to your account, and without needing your phone nearby.

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Signal has a lot of advantages over the current big names as WhatsApp and Telegram, as it has already brought the voice and video calling features to its desktop client already, and even works without your phone (primary device) not being connected to the internet. So, here’s how to try it;

  1. Visit the Signal website and download the desktop client (for Windows, macOS, or Linux) based on your PC OS.Signal for Desktop PC
  2. Upon downloading, open it to install and run.
  3. Opening the app will show you a QR code, which should be scanned by your Signal client on your primary device (like a phone) to connect.QR code, which should be scanned by your Signal
  4. So, if you’re using Signal on your phone, go to your profile section by tapping on the profile icon (picture) at the top left corner.go to your profile section
  5. Under this, go to Linked devices and tap on the “+” button at the bottom.Linked devices
  6. This will open a QR code scanner. Align that accordingly against the QR code on your desktop, which then connects both the clients, thus syncing chats.Align that accordingly against the QR code on your desktop
  7. After that, It looks like the above image. If You want to unlink signal messenger from the web client. you can simply go back to the Linked Devices and Unlink it.

That’s it. You should be able to see all your chats from your phone appearing onto your desktop now. While the above process is described for Windows OS, it will be the same for macOS and Linux too. Try out.


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