Security analysts have long been recommending users to use Telegram or Signal for having private conversations, rather than WhatsApp. Though WhatsApp is having larger userbase and end-to-end encrypted chats, it’s still criticized for not being open-source, asking for the phone number, and being hackable often. These concerns led security experts and groups like Anonymous to suggest Telegram and Signal over WhatsApp. Know here why?

Why Anonymous Recommends Signal and Telegram Over WhatsApp?
Why Anonymous Recommends Signal and Telegram Over WhatsApp?

How Signal is Secure?

Hailed as one of the best private messengers and even endorsed by Edward Snowden. Signal encrypts your chats, voice call, media and allows you to archive chats. It allows you to chat from its dedicated app or through a web browser as a plug-in. You can set timers to self-destruct your messages and since it’s open-source, anyone can check its code for bugs and contribute for its security integrity.

Well, a drawback here can be asking for your phone number. Signal only asks phone number just to verify it as a working device at the time of registration, and it cannot be leaked to anyone unless you share yourself.

How Telegram is Secure?

This Dubai based instant messenger is just another suggestion from Anonymous for being secure. Telegram, which is also an open-source project, uses its own MTProto protocol for encrypting messages.

Well, this encryption is only Secret Chats, and are stored in your device only! So unless your device is stolen, there’s no chance for others to intercept your communications from Secret Chats. This encryption applies to its Voice Calls too!

But if you desired more flexibility like switching devices, choose normal chats and regular VoIP calls. Telegram has a wide range of features like bots, an unlimited cap on group chats, and a wide range of stickers.

The best thing of all, Telegram doesn’t need your phone number at all! This is a big niche compared to WhatsApp and even Signal. Telegram allows you to create an account with a unique username, that’s sharable to others for communicating.


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