, a popular DDL service for finding pirated content, is soon shutting down. This was announced by its operators, citing security concerns.

While they haven’t specified the exact reason, this could mostly be some legal problems, to which most pirate sites are fearful. So before shutting down completely, operators have packed up all the posts for anyone to download and preserve.

The shutdown of

In the late 2000s, when the server bandwidth costs were huge, the P2P sharing method was introduced and took all the heavy burden on few maintainers. This led the hosting peer to share the file with the receiver peer for free by just finding and pinging them.

And when mega file-hosting sites are up and started offering low-cost storage plans, many have used them to host movies, TV shows, software, games, etc. The only catch is that these are not so public-facing, thus needing a directory to help people find required files.

That’s when services like RLSLOG stepped in, which fall in DDL (Direct Download Link) category and let people download desired content with just a click. But, most DDLs focus on earning by click ads, thereby acting as cyberlockers – making it hard for downloaders to get what they wanted.

As they force downloaders to buy their premium subscriptions for a better experience, some offer a less intrusive experience for little to no commercial plans. And one of them is walked into the DDL space in 2016, hoping to offer a better user experience by finding content links easily and quickly. And it did, as it’s drawing over 4 million visitors a month as per SimilarWeb statistics.

But it’s now shutting down! As per the site’s operators,

“Snahp was originally launched in 2016 to replace DDLs riddled with the worst possible filehosts. However, the top priority for us has always been the safety and security of each and every member on this blog, which has been an increasing concern as of late.”

“Today, on the fifth anniversary of Snahp, with a heavy heart we announce the end for the blog effective immediately.”

While they haven’t mentioned any specific reason, security concerns regarding piracy serving sites often refer to legal issues. The shutdown of RLSLOG last week may have triggered, as it’s now acting proactively for good.

Before shutting down completely, operators have packed up all its posts for anyone to download and preserve for later.


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